Block Bikes PDX

building your bike love.

Full service bike shop in St Johns dedicated to helping every cyclist build their bike love


Our Fall/Winter hours are here!


Tuesday-Friday: 11am – 7pm

Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Sunday & Monday: Closed

Service Rates


$55 – $200+

adjust ball bearings (new bearings extra), adjust brakes, adjust shifting, clean and lube drive-train, clean bike (additional charge for extra dirty bike), wheel true, install up to 2 accessories


$100 – $200+

completely take bike down to frame, clean and rebuild with new lube, bearing and grease (some bearings extra)

Complete Bearing Overhaul

$15 – $30

bearing surfaces completely cleaned, inspected, and repacked with new grease, and new ball bearings (does not apply to cartridge bearings)


$5 – $25

brakes or gears or bearings or other

Flat Fix

$10 – $20

includes tube and instruction.  cost depends on bike specifics


wheel true $10 – $40

chain install  $10

rack install  $10 – $30

fender install  $10 – $30

seat install  $10

new bar tape  $15

Light Install  $0

Bell Install  $0

general hourly labor rate $60 per hour

*All tune-up/overhaul pricing is based on the mechanical needs of the bike and it’s owner. Bikes are evaluated first and then a fair, need-based quote is given.


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7238 N Burlington Ave Portland OR 97203