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building your bike love.

Full service bike shop in St Johns dedicated to helping every cyclist build their bike love


We declare it to be spring and as such, we have new spring hours. We’re open again on Sundays. Ride on by!


Wednesday-Saturday: 10am – 7pm

Sunday: 10am-4pm

Monday & Tuesday: Closed

Service Rates


$55 – $200+

adjust ball bearings (new bearings extra), adjust brakes, adjust shifting, clean and lube drive-train, clean bike (additional charge for extra dirty bike), wheel true, install up to 2 accessories


$100 – $200+

completely take bike down to frame, clean and rebuild with new lube, bearing and grease (some bearings extra)

Complete Bearing Overhaul

$15 – $30

bearing surfaces completely cleaned, inspected, and repacked with new grease, and new ball bearings (does not apply to cartridge bearings)


$5 – $25

brakes or gears or bearings or other

Flat Fix

$10 – $20

includes tube and instruction.  cost depends on bike specifics


wheel true $10 – $40

chain install  $10

rack install  $10 – $30

fender install  $10 – $30

seat install  $10

new bar tape  $15

Light Install  $0

Bell Install  $0

general hourly labor rate $60 per hour

*All tune-up/overhaul pricing is based on the mechanical needs of the bike and it’s owner. Bikes are evaluated first and then a fair, need-based quote is given.


Our most current list of used bikes for sale on consignment. Keep checking back for more!

More coming soon……


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7238 N Burlington Ave Portland OR 97203