Bike Shipping and Receiving Service

Traveling in or out of Portland with your bike?

Awesome! We can help you with that.


Inbound to Portland

Ship your boxed bike to us & have it assembled by one of our professional mechanics for only $75.

We love surprises, but make sure to let us know if you plan on shipping a bike to us.  Call or e-mail us.

Outbound from Portland

We’ll disassemble your bike with care, box it up with loving kindness and packing materials, and see it on it’s way out into the world for only $75.  The shipping costs are taken care of by you through the shipping agency of your choice.

Contact us at 503-819-6839 to discuss details and coordinate. Email works too: click here to send us a note.

We  recommend using BikeFlights for the actual shipping/transportation piece.

They’re total pros, and they’re super local.


A few things to note:

  • although it makes sense to ship a bunch of stuff in the box along with the bike, we can’t be responsible for any other belongings, and also our shop is on the smaller side, so it’s not super convenient for us to provide storage
  • we reserve the right to refuse assembly of some bikes at our discretion

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